Meet the Central Jersey Housing Resource Center (CJHRC) Staff

Laura Wetzel - Part Time Accounting Assistant

Laura Wetzel joined CJHRC in 2004. As of May 1, 2021 she is a part-time Accounting Assistant responsible for all accounting activities and grant reporting for the agency. She works collaboratively with accountants, consultants, board members and staff.

Sunbo Adesanya - Assistant Program Manager/Bilingual Counselor

Sunbo is the HRC Assistant Program Manager and a counselor. She recently joined CJHRC in May 2022. Sunbo works well with clients and is well versed in housing cousneling. She spends most of her time on CJHRC’s numerous programs.

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Phone:  908-446-0036 X104


Dollie Della Ventura - Part time FFS Senior Assistant

Dollie joined CJHRC in 2000 and is currently a part time FFS Senior Assistant. Dollie handles a variety of paralegal and FFS duties including file review, certifications, sale and resale documents and tasks to get buyers to the closing table.

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